Venture Photography Studios Chester


Venture Photography Studios Chester


Did you know that that when you purchase a BMW at Halliwell Jones in Chester you'll receive a complimentary voucher for a family portrait experience?

So, we recently sent Gareth from our Loyalty Team off on his own MINI Adventure to Venture Studios in Chester in the new MINI Countryman to sample the experience for himself.

Here's his story....

Our experience started with a discussion on the phone with Jane from Venture Studios in Chester who immediately made me feel comfortable and excited about the day ahead. She went over what we could expect and really got to know me and my family, advising us on what to bring to make the experience as personal as it could be.

It was a good job we had the new MINI Countryman, as we took Jane’s advice quite literally and turned up with 3 bags of toys and clothes, as well a couple of kid’s cars as props that my boy loves to play with.

After being helped in with our boot load of clothes and props for the experience we sat down with Garry and Stephen. As we enjoyed the tea and biscuits, Garry explained in a bit more detail how the experience would work. The greeting that we received was excellent. We felt so welcome and really did feel the day was all about us. The pictures and artwork on the walls in the studio were breath-taking and only added to our excitement of what was to come.

After getting ourselves ready in our own family dressing room, we all went across the hall to begin. My partner was a little anxious about being in front of the camera, however none of that was an issue as it didn’t feel like a normal photo shoot.

From the very first photo to the last we were just behaving as we do as a family, and the energy and fun that Garry and Steven brought to it made it extremely enjoyable. My 17 month old son especially enjoyed it as it was a big play room in his eyes.

A week later we arrived back at the studio and received the familiar welcome. We were shown through to the viewing room and got comfortable on the sofa whilst Steven explained the process behind achieving the final product.

On average 400 photos are taken and meticulously condensed and edited into roughly 40 outstanding pieces of art. We were shown them in a short film with a lovely soundtrack that took us through a spectrum of emotions, from laughter and happiness to sentiment and love.

Out of all of these wonderful photos we were left with the difficult task of selecting our favourites. Each and every photo appealed to us but we had plenty of time to view them and make our decision. Steven demonstrated how the lighting and colour could be adapted to help us in selecting our ultimate favourite.

Once my partner and I, with a little help from our son had decided on a picture the excitement grew even more. We chose a stunning 24 x 16 metro picture of the three of us and cannot wait to get it on our wall at home.

The experience from start to finish was unforgettable and really was a family experience and not your standard photo shoot. Memories were truly created and to have a very special one of those memories captured in photo form to keep forever makes it even more special.

We all left with an overwhelming admiration for Venture Photography and the work they put in to make unforgettable memories.